Homestead Tour Updated

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The Homestead Tour has just been updated for 2010. If it has been a while since you’ve taken it, have another look! Click the Door to begin.

He sleeps in the faucet

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He’s been there for a month but we still get a surprise when we first turn the tap on in the morning and he crawls out.

A birthday cake

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To live for vegan raw chocolate cake Centre 300ml rice milk 1 teaspoon of agar 500 g soft tofu cap of vanilla 200g of dark chocolate Fruit Base 200g choc biscuits (subst ground nuts, seeds, grains etc) 75 ml macadamia oil Method: Centre: Warm the milk and dissolve the agar. Add the tofu and stick […]


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Other places cicadas like to shed

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If you stand still for long enough

Working away on the NImbin Food Security Project

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I’m retro-actively cleaning up the project management and making sure that all the expenses and activities are accounted for. It’s not the most exciting part of the job but it is a great way to reflect on what we have done so that I can clearly present it to others.

A Naked Lady in the garden!

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I love this time of year, these gals come out in the most unexpected places.

The Harvest Basket

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Real organic food, no labels, certification or packaging. It's a trust system & the custodians of this garden trust me. I record how much food I get from the garden. I only pick what I need. That is only what I can eat before the food dies. Eating fresh means harvesting more often, I like […]

Building the Deck Roof

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Building the Deck Roof

The Need for a Roof. We tried to do without a roof over the deck for three years. The first year we had nothing. There are some great advantages to having an open air deck such as lying on your back and looking up at the stars. They aren’t worth the fact that every time […]