Hut Med is Happening

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I finally cleaned up hut med, and it is beautiful!


Sitting up here in a comfy chair on my land, looking over the McKellar Ranges, my house, my garden and my trees. I feel so blessed.

There is still work to do on it, the door needs securing with two long pieces of ply. There are several holes in the fly wire.

But on the whole it is awesome and comfortable. We moved the big comfy chair (the ratty one) from the deck so I am off the ground. There isn’t a whole lot of space left, but enough. I love it.



I have a whole new perspective up here, it is beautiful I don’t even mind the mosiqutoes, because they are bouncing back and forth into the fly screen that (almost) fully encases me.

This is a sublime spot.

I am so blessed and lucky.

I didn’t come up here to reflect on my good fortune though. It needed this chair to be comfortable. And I needed this ipad and keyboard to be able to type. I love it.


An ideal space to write my journal. Building a room of your own is worth learning how to build.


I do need to be mindful of the tree branch situation thought. I am surrounded by Massive Trees.

Can’t get your arms around them sized trees.


I want to improve this little space around the hut too. I want to my it flat and open with a ground cover so that I can train my martial art here.

I want to build my office out of the piles of wood that are lying around. Sitting here I can see them.


I am so lucky to have this spot. This space in the world. I am so grateful.


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