Small Scale, High Yield, Intensive Garden plots – Mel Edwards

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Small Scale, High Yield, Intensive Garden plots – Mel Edwards

Sat 26 May, 10am

"Mel (Mellow to his friends) has been an Organic Market Gardener in the Adelaide area for 40 years.  He currently has the earliest NASAA organic certification number and was one of the early pioneers in Australia’s organic growing industry. 


Mellow speaks mainly about small scale, high yielding, intensive vegetable production (this is also called “Biodynamic French Intensive Cropping”).  Imagine being able to grown 2 rows of lettuce, 2 rows of peas, a row of beetroot or parsnip, another row of silver beet and a row of corn – all in a square metre!  This is a real life example that Mellow has grown, and he’s used this system recently to produce 3 tons of vegetables to help feed Confest.


Mellow also gives us some details about the organic production of tall, juicy, crunchy celery.  He estimates he’s grown around half a million celery plants in his gardening career and says they are streets ahead of the usual supermarket varieties.  Supermarket celery, after strawberries, usually tops the list when it comes to pesticide contamination.


To conclude, Mel describes a recent trial of a food swap and barter system “Food Without Fees” that he’s been involved in."


Click Here to Listen to the Talk

Thanks to Jim and the Blue Knob Farmers Market for organising these fabulous talks. 


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