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We are experiencing a bit of a drought at the moment. We arrived home from our trip to Melbourne to find our header tank completely empty. Not a drop came out of the tap. We have about a 1000L left in the bottom concrete tank. There is the possibility of buying in town water. It will cost about $150 for a load. I’m not sure exactly how many litres that brings maybe 5-6,000L.

Instead of rain, the Nimbin valley has had very bad frosts. Many of the river flats have been affected, it is the deadest and driest I’ve seen the valley in my few years in the area.

On the other side of the hill, the road to Kyogle is burnt quite severely. We were told by the caretakers of our house that there were several days before we got back when thick smoke filled the air.


We’ve smelt a few fires since then, mostly people burning off. We have collected a pile, several cubic meters, at the top of the ridge. When the guest toilet is operational we will have a party and fire night to welcome the spirits of springtime.

The frangipanis are showing new leaf growth. I want to prune some of the fruit trees too before they begin to reshoot.

The composting toilet now has its slab floating.

IMG_1805 We removed the supports that were in place while it was setting and have begun to erect a temporary shelter above.

IMG_1810 To my loving father, I’ve just paid the home insurance too. So although we are working on the preventitive strategy, if the whole lot burns down, we are covered financially.

After intial hestitation, Kirrah has adjusted to the movement of the garden to get more winter sun. Here are the wintergreens: IMG_1871

The Rockwall garden is fenced and ready for a spring planting, if only we get the water sorted out!


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