Small Scale, High Yield, Intensive Garden plots – Mel Edwards

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This is an hour long audio presentation where Mel Edwards speaks about small scale, high yielding, intensive vegetable production. Mel (Mellow to his friends) has been an Organic Market Gardener in the Adelaide area for 40 years.

My Backup System

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My Backup System   I have invested some time and money in a peace of mind data backup system recently.   Losing all your stuff is a bit of a rite of passage for anyone that uses computers. Which is everyone.   The Nature of the Universe is that things are breaking down. Unless you […]

Hut Med is Happening

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I finally cleaned up hut med, and it is beautiful! Sitting up here in a comfy chair on my land, looking over the McKellar Ranges, my house, my garden and my trees. I feel so blessed. There is still work to do on it, the door needs securing with two long pieces of ply. There […]

A change in the seasons

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The loquets are flowering, we have never beaten the birds to the fruit. Maybe this year? Bath Frog has moved back in after an extended and unexplained absence from the faucet. See the full gallery on Posterous Other friends of the house are back too, looking for a place to stay for the winter but […]

Clean up as you go

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Clean up as you go

    This is a new principle that I have been working on and is grounded in the three permaculture ethics.   Care of People   Emotionally cleaning up as you go. This means dealing with the stuff that comes up when relating to others in the moment, not leaving it for later when it […]

The swollen northern rivers

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We’ve recorded about 200 mm of rain in 3 days. When it eased a bit we took a drive around some of the rivers crossings. Our first stop was the luminous heart community on Oxbow Rd. On the way a stream was emerging from the paddock. This is where a tributary to hanging rock creek […]

Homestead Tour Updated

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The Homestead Tour has just been updated for 2010. If it has been a while since you’ve taken it, have another look! Click the Door to begin.

He sleeps in the faucet

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He’s been there for a month but we still get a surprise when we first turn the tap on in the morning and he crawls out.