The Harvest Basket

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Real organic food, no labels, certification or packaging. It's a trust system & the custodians of this garden trust me. I record how much food I get from the garden. I only pick what I need. That is only what I can eat before the food dies. Eating fresh means harvesting more often, I like […]


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Weeds are opportunistic plants that develop in disturbed environments. Their action can bring balance to the topsoil mining nutrients from below and making it available.

Dry Stone Wall Building

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Our share is very sandy and prone to erosion. To slow the hill from creeping onto our driveway, and to provide a flat bed for planting we decided to build some permanent stone retaining walls.

Organic Gardening Training

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Organic Gardening at the Permaforest Trust in Barkers Vale

Mulching Fruit Trees

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There have been two large piles of woodchips at the front of Avalon for a few weeks. Slowly they have been shrinking. Today I joined in and collected two rubbish bins from other jobs around the block and made two trips filling them.

Compost Training

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We constructed Four Compost piles to experiment with how the different variables manifested around the environment and what the effect was on the process. Also to gain experience and a feel for the art.

Working on our Beds

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It’s been hard work getting our gardens ready for this season. We really want to increase our capacity to grow our own vegetables.

The Lemonade

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There is a magical fruit called the lemonade. When they are in season we buy as many as we can find and eat them everyday until they disappear again.

Worm Farming.

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Our worm farm is simple enough. It works to transform kitchen organics and paper that don’t go to the Guinea Pigs into a ready to go mix of humus and seeds from the foods that we like. Pumpkins flourish. I think the most important thing is that it is convenient to use. We have a […]