Toilet Planning

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Toilet Planning

Planning the Toilet. When we first arrived here, the long drop was completely full. Strange as it seems now, we were straight out of India, this didn't bother us too much and considered it a luxury not to have someone watching. We had a blank slate to start. I was new to making compost and […]

Composting Toilet

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Composting Toilet

We guess that the final straw for the last people who lived here was when the long drop toilet filled up. That meant that when we arrived there was no toilet.

Worm Farming.

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Our worm farm is simple enough. It works to transform kitchen organics and paper that don’t go to the Guinea Pigs into a ready to go mix of humus and seeds from the foods that we like. Pumpkins flourish. I think the most important thing is that it is convenient to use. We have a […]

Solar Power System

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Solar Power System

We live on the peaceful side of the community buffered from the road by acres of forest, the other side of our property is undeveloped pasture. This remoteness puts us far away from the existing grid infrastructure – it might have been possible to get mains electricity connected – but it wouldn’t have been any cheaper.

Grey Water System

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It took as a little while to find out where the grey water from the house went when we first arrived. We have now upgraded that to a council approved unit with some help from our friends!

Garden Water System

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Today I connected an integrated garden watering system.
We have several gardens. Our main production at the moment is the kitchen greens garden on the deck which is prolifically producing Rainbow Chards and herbs.

House Water System

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We are all quite reliant on a continuously available supply of clean healthy water.

Our Power Usage

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Our Power Usage

I’ve kept regular records of all our energy and resource flows.

Our Solar Hot Water

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Here are my specifications, open to public comment and quote. We hope to have it installed shortly, as winter is upon us.