CSG Public Meeting Lismore

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This is a work in progress transcription from the Public Coal Seam Gas meeting held in Lismore.   Corrections I would appreciate if you could listen and read along to it and make sure that it is reasonably accurate.  Please leave suggested amendments in the commets in the following format.   # File 1  1:15 […]

Hut Med is Happening

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I finally cleaned up hut med, and it is beautiful! Sitting up here in a comfy chair on my land, looking over the McKellar Ranges, my house, my garden and my trees. I feel so blessed. There is still work to do on it, the door needs securing with two long pieces of ply. There […]

A change in the seasons

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The loquets are flowering, we have never beaten the birds to the fruit. Maybe this year? Bath Frog has moved back in after an extended and unexplained absence from the faucet. See the full gallery on Posterous Other friends of the house are back too, looking for a place to stay for the winter but […]

Charity: Water’s fine taste in mandatory annual reporting

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This Charity: Water doc is the only financial report that I have ever enjoyed reading, I am actually looking forward to seeing what they produce for this financial year.  That’s the power of good design. I’ve already donated. Check it out, it’s beautiful. Download 2009 Annual Report

About Us

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We live on a land sharing community about 10 km from Australia’s alternative capital, Nimbin. I’ve moved from the city after several profound experiences motivated me to connect directly with my supply of water, air, food and energy. I’ve connected with others along the way too and been inspired to document our journey. I prolifically […]

Web Resources

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Djanbung Gardens – Permaculture Education (Nimbin)Permaforest Trust – Permaculture Education (Byron Bay)Planting Milkwood – Building a sustainable lifeWorld Changing – Change your thinkingEnergy Bulletin – Energy news clearing houseBlotanical – Where garden blogs bloom.Appropedia – Collaborative solutions in sustainability

Use Edges and Value the Marginal

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New communications technology and media allow those at the fringes more equal access to information and ideas.


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Today a Bower bird pecked at an orange as it rolled from the tree all the way down the driveway to the house.
Marvelously it made it to the deck.

Principles of Permaculture

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David Holmgren’s 12 Principles of Permaculture

The Cycles of Nature

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Forests form a key component in the natural hydronic (water) cycle. Sublimation and evapotranspiration carry water from the oceans to the mountains. They also moderate temperature. The sun provides the energy.