Further Integrating the Cycles of Nature.

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Centralised sewerage systems concentrate human excreted nutrients, mix them with clean water and then dump them into larger bodies of water.

Life with a Solar Income

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This planet is the recipient of a continuous diffuse stream of energy from the sun. A square meter of the surface in full sunlight is receiving approximately 1000w of energy.

Reflections on the road to the modern sustainable lifestyle

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Next week is reading week. Time away from the sustainability education of the trust where some cracks were starting to appear and back home, full time and fully focused.

A Diary Entry…

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Our internet finally works. Until now, Dialling up would not stay connected for longer than 5 minutes. And now, it does. 3 Hours and 6 minutes we have been connected for today.   So expect more from this site. I am back to school at the Permaforest Trust on Monday. I've signed up for the […]

A nice opening thought

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Beautiful energy radiates from this post.