Mulching Fruit Trees

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Mulching and Weeding the Fruit Trees.

There have been two large piles of woodchips at the front of Avalon for a few weeks. Slowly they have been shrinking. Today I joined in and collected two rubbish bins from other jobs around the block and made two trips filling them.
This gave me enough mulch for:

These trees are the citrus located at the top of the ridge; they are well established.

Orange tree


This poor lemon has been attacked by termites – Still going though!


These Trees are in the Orchard. A zone that has had a swale dug into it. This swale catches water runoff from the path down the side of the house and gives it time to soak into the ground where these trees can use it.


A huge white mulberry that fruits.

While at the Permaforest, Tim (our facilitator) mentioned that for the first metre while the trees are still young the grass is hyper competitive. Once the trees are away, they are able to shade out the grass but until then it is important to give them enough space.Some were immensely overgrown, while try to pull out the grass with my hands I was cut. There are still a few more to do. Some spots are so thick that gloves become essential.

This one is still to go.

Fruit tree

Weeding, like cleaning gets exponentially more difficult the longer it is left. Thankfully with a few exceptions we have a full eucalypt canopy here. Growth here is quite healthy and even the areas we have left to nature seem quite balanced and happy.