The Lemonade

Posted by on May 8, 2008 in Gardening | 4 Comments

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There is a magical fruit called the lemonade. When they are in season we buy as many as we can find and eat them everyday until they disappear again.

So today I planted out one of our own. It is in a special spot too.

For a little while now I have been stuck for a really elegant way to reintegrate the high grade nitrogen rich liquid fertilizer that we are releasing every couple of hours. A few points of note; It comes in a concentrated form, too much for most plants. If not used immediately it will begin to smell. It remains a delicate, and private matter.

Well, I think i’ve come up with the solution for our place at least. Our current bucket style composting toilet is located on the bathroom veranda near the bath and the shower. This is convenient and private enough for even our guests to use.

There is a tap located near a new bucket. Once you are finished (if we happen to go late at night – first thing in the morning) the solution is diluted about 10:1 before the pouring it off the side.


Waiting below is a piece of salvaged colourbond steel roofing that directs the torrent into a drain that runs under the path and then onto the thirsty little citrus.


In a swift stroke of permacultural elegance, a once unused waste product is transformed into a valuable resource supporting the life around us that will support us in the future. Now that it is established, it requires no extra work on our behalf.

I bought this tree at Daley’s Fruit + Nut Nursery in Kyogle. They are fantastic there.


  1. Esther Montgomery
    May 10, 2008


    I found you through Blotanical (just wandering around the blogs!).

    You have some wonderful photos here (set off well with your green background).

    And it’s interesting to see a totally different kind of environment from the one I live in.

    (I am in Dorset in England.)

    Esther Montgomery

  2. Ann
    May 11, 2008

    What a great idea! I love the lemonade fruit too, you would swear lemon squash had been injected into a lemon, they are so sweet and refreshing. It will be wonderful to have your own tree, it looks a good size and very healthy. What a great start it is getting, with that beautiful rich black soil and it’s very own irrigation /fertilization system.
    We are working in the garden today too, we have just transferred another layer of rocks to surround the Citrus trees and have collected some nice tree mulch from the transfer station. Tomorrow Dion is coming to start building the recycled timber planter boxes for our vegetable garden. I can’t wait to start growing some plants.

  3. Jean Ann
    May 13, 2008

    Great site! Glad to find you…will keep checking in…

  4. soli
    October 31, 2009

    Oh love, this is so great!