Covering the Deck

Posted by on Feb 21, 2007 in Building a Home | 2 Comments

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The rain fell and soaked the wood, opening flaws and keeping us on watch for what we could leave there. A key piece was missing from our divine deck.

The solution came to me in a dream.


Early one morning, before Kirrah was awake I rose with the image still fresh in my mind.

Almost a year earlier, we sat on the dusty streets of Pushkar, India and watched D.P Tent Master work his trade on some enormous pieces of natural cotton canvas.


As we didn’t have electricity for most of the day it was made by hand.



I took it from it’s bag where it had lived the last year, rolled it out and the fit is perfect – I know from my experience here now to trust my dreams and follow the guidance.


As I worked my way around I found reinforced loops everywhere I needed one to tie to the trees. Three hours single handedly before breakfast is all it took.


Step by step, with the resources I already had around, I raised the roof!




Oh and that dream to bring it all together and jump me out of bed.


  • The deck is proctected from leaves, rain and falling poo.
  • Water runs off into gardens
  • Softer wood furnature can be left outside, as can our bed.
  • Light reflects off the sail onto the roof and back into the house, giving us much more life and light inside.
  • Delicate herbs are wilt-free in our primary garden zone outside the kitchen and now enjoy partial shade.
  • It completes the space and feels more balanced.
  • It is beautiful and natural.

P.S Dad, thanks for the ladder.




  1. Jo
    February 22, 2007

    Hi Guy and Kirrah,
    Your deck looks so beautiful. I can’t wait to enjoy some time there with you both. We are still working out our dates, but I don’t think that we will be able to come any earlier, because we have so much that we need to finish before we leave.
    Will keep you posted.
    love Jo

  2. admin
    February 24, 2007

    Dear Guy and Kirrah,

    I love your new site, especially the photos of your new deck canvas. What an inspired idea, strong but not too heavy and the fabric blends in so well with the natural wood. I can’t wait to sit under it.

    Good Luck with organizing your new courses.

    love Ann, Ed, Jo and Robin