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These two fundamental elements to life have both been welcomed into our house this winter.


At 7:45am this morning, we got a phonecall from Kyogle, "the truck's about to leave – is there anything you want from the shop?"


The idea that hatched into a plan, which moved into research followed by an investigation.


When the results were confirmed, in triplicate – we were ready to organise the installation of our stoves wetback.


And it's legal! We made everything to spec and it works well.


I've learned so much since my last experimentation with hot water. I feel I know our system.


There were a few physical obstacles.


The tank was going in the attic.




Team work






Frank was awesome.




Oxy torches get the job done well.



It's been a long day – we just finished cleaning the house at it is 11pm.

And now after it all we can have steaming hot showers in our house!

Very Rewarding!



Thanks to everyone that has helped along the way, Mum and Dad – your support has been invaluable!





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