As you come down the drive to the end of the road a circle opens up.


It is clear that this is where you leave your car. Dappled shade is provided by trees that only drop sticky stuff at certain times of the year – a comfortable feeling of home and safety wash over.


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A natural path leads into another larger circle. This special clearing is at the very top of the property with the hill rolling away either side.

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Beautiful Music is played around the fire. Our friends come together here to party and celebrate under the full moon.


Moving forward again brings you to the oldest dwelling on the block. A small one room shed. It is a comfortable place, and provides access to the best views. Longer term guests stay here, it has complete privacy from our house (and the rest of the world). It is currently the home of the Traditional Wisdom studio.


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Off to the south-west – The Billen Cliffs can be seen.


To right, three enormous Ironbark Eucalypts provide the canopy of shade – a blessing in the summer sun.



A path to the right leads down to our home:


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The trees that were felled to clear the house site were used to build the supporting posts. The canopy that this has opened up allows us to collect our electricity needs, used to power this laptop & fill the woodshed.


It also allowed some invasive weeds to develop. These were removed recently and space cleared for our largest garden:


2010-04-02 at 16-38-07


Retaining walls are built up from stone, then on the level pads we placed recycled water tanks to grow in.




It's a beautiful hand built timber pole house, in harmony with its environment. Every care is taken in using natural, healthy, sustainable resources in our lives. The system is thriving.


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2010-06-26 at 16-11-20



Between the woodshed and the Deck is a tropical garden. Bringing the connection to the natural world to our front door.


2010-02-21 at 13-04-55


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The deck where we sleep, eat, study, play, garden, practice yoga, write, read, dance and celebrate. Protected from the sun and the rain by a natural cotton canvas secured to the trees. It is the most comfortable space in the entire world. Dozens of bird species, bats, lizards (big and small), ants, insects, kangaroos and possums all agree.


Here there is always time to relax, observe nature, and create beautiful things.





There is an observation lounge just here and… Our Front Door!




This leads to a small area we keep clear for special beautiful things and a space were we give thanks every day for the blessings and abundance in our lives.




To the left is the Kitchen and to the right, the steps to the split level warm space. This is our living room and study space, here we are both able to work from home and live in comfort all year round.


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Outside on the verandah is our open bathroom, complete with claw food bath.


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