A nice opening thought

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Beautiful energy radiates from this post.


I moved my life from Melbourne to the subtropical mountain rain forest around Nimbin, Northern NSW Australia.


Inspired by loss of control of the very basic necessities for my life in India – clean water, a safe place to sleep, healthy fresh "living" food, basic sanitation and at times the most important clean air. I changed my values and took responsibility for bringing my life into harmony with nature.


Serendipitous events met with a loving, trusting, forgiving persistence. A home for me to build a life in and around, nestled on a northerly hill – surrounded by an uninterrupted vista of rainforest. Here I am blessed with infinite abundance. Completely supported by this planet and my place on it.


And I get to share it all with my similarly inspired loving partner.


We are all free to thrive on beautiful natural energy. The magic of life exists all around us.