A Diary Entry…

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Our internet finally works. Until now, Dialling up would not stay connected for longer than 5 minutes. And now, it does. 3 Hours and 6 minutes we have been connected for today.


So expect more from this site. I am back to school at the Permaforest Trust on Monday. I've signed up for the non-resident Certificate IV Orientation at 9am. My first class is on Tuesday at 8am – compost. The trust is a beautiful 100 acre community farm between our place and the Boarder Ranges, I drive through the most stunning natural scenery on the way to school – The view of Wollumbin is spectacular. I pass over the pinnacle of a valley that stretches out over 100's of kilometers, as far the eye can see the landscape rolls on in dramatic style.


.Picture 9


I bought some seeds from the emporium in anticipation. Leafy greens, the most productive part of our herb dominated kitchen garden extension zone.



Just tonight as I was writing this post – we heard a plop and a beautiful green tree frog has made his home in the water barrel.


Note from Kirrah with an arm full of clean clothes: The grass is so long the wallabies can eat it while you get the washing off the line and all you see are their ears scanning over the top. We can now wash our clothes with the water that falls on our roof and with energy collected from the sun. John, the 5.5Lt Fischer and Paykel has changed our lives here forever. We are deeply appreciative, We feed our zucchinis with it's runoff mixed with some bath and sink.



It's fun completing the cycle.


Our Snake is back! This is awesome news for the rodent dept, evicted from their cushy cathedral ceiling hangout. We have learned our lesson from his departure though. Now every night before bed I take out all organics, wash every dish used, put everything in its place and wipe it all down.




The food that has been coming out recently is amazing. Delicious organic delights, with a generous portion direct from the garden. Today we had nori rolls with biodynamic brown rice, grated organic carrot and beetroot with the basil, baby spinach, thyme, and a few others coming from the garden.


I've put the finishing touches onto the center shrine. Over 50 manhours have gone into it's birth. Culminating in a marathon final 5 hour hand sand, dry to 360, wet to 360, treated, wetsanded and treated again.



The treatment we use is a local product called Cooee timber treat. It is certified organic by the BFA, water based and smells like essential oils. I cut the legs for it from an ironbark that grew 50m away.