Life with a Solar Income

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This planet is the recipient of a continuous diffuse stream of energy from the sun. A square meter of the surface in full sunlight is receiving approximately 1000w of energy. Over a day, that spot might receive 6-7kW/h in our part of the world with an open northerly aspect.


The planet has been receiving this income for as long as there has been life at the surface. Millions of years. Those early plants and creatures have captured and stored this energy income. Some of it is stored in a vast global inheritance of fossil fuels.
This is the ancient foundation of our capital base.


The rapid expansion of mining and consumption mean we are spending our capital base as if it were our income. Turning a store, into a flow.


A Sustainable Economy harvests a yield from the capital base invests some of the income back into that base so that it can grow, strengthen and continue to provide yields in the future.


The global and local situation is that we are exploiting our inheritance and burning it from both ends. We burn oil, liberating its energy and stored carbon content. The ecology that established the capital stores of carbon and reintegrates their outputs are also being harvested (old growth, deep sea).




A functional solar economy is as diverse as the land on which the sun falls. It values biological resources. Topsoil takes its place a nations greatest material asset. Topsoil is the medium for the most intense concentrations of life. It is vital. Through it water is cycled and food is grown.

The closer you are from these elements that sustain your life, day to day. The smaller the subsidy you require from our shared assets.


  1. Ann Stewart
    May 11, 2007

    What a shame that the people in power seem to have no understanding of the cycles of nature that you describe. It is frightening to see the results of their years of mismanagement. But at least there are small pockets of hope, where sustainable practices like yours are delivering the desired results and you will be able to lead the future with your knowledge and success. Keep up the great work! love Mum

  2. Who Knows News :: Solar_power
    August 8, 2007

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