Reflections on the road to the modern sustainable lifestyle

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Next week is reading week. Time away from the sustainability education of the trust where some cracks were starting to appear and back home, full time and fully focused.

We have been planning the Autumn phase of renovations. I do not know how the other owners of this house have let it go almost 12 years without a good fireplace. It was decided for us last year that that would be the last winter without one.


It is beautiful now. Warm sunny days and cool nights. But the warm days are getting shorter and the nights cooler. Keeping us motivated.


A friend just returned, shaken and scared from a trip to Sydney. Convinced that the free ride is over and our carbon greedy ways have destroyed our life supporting ecology. He also bought some news that the block next to us is being advertised in town, that would explain the increase in people driving down our road and turning around again.

The quality of the vehicles is eroding my confidence in a quick sale for a low sum to me.
I'm going to conjure some magic tonight, call some of the unseen forces in my life to show a bit of support.


I searched the internet for optimistic young person living sustainable happy life surrounded by beautiful supportive people.


It has just started to rain, that is a good sign.


And on top of all that, my sunglasses have been fixed and are ready to pick up from Byron Bay. I'm on budget until after the new financial year. That means more research and less impulsive buying. When that time of abundance kicks over though, I want to invest in an electric bike.


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