Australian Permaculture Convergence 9

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The 9th Australian Permaculture Convergence Celebrating 30 years of Permaculture Sydney – Easter weekend – March 20th to 25th 2008

I registered and paid my deposit for the full event today!

I was first inspired to go to this convergence upon hearing that Bill Mollison would be meeting me halfway. He is traveling from Tasmania to give several key note speeches. Listening to Bill speak is definitely one of the things to do on my journey.

It is an opportunity for me to meet some of the people that have contributed their lives to the movement. I’m looking forward to rounding out some of their personalities beyond that of the author of my text books.

I want to see if I can experience an exchange in the subtle authenticity that comes from a life well lived that loses something in the transfer to the page.

It feels so good to have this renewed flourish of energy in my career.

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  1. Ann
    February 5, 2008

    The Convergence looks really interesting, I would like to find out more about the street food gardens. After your suggestion, of making better use of our nature strips, I was thinking it would be nice for the residents in our street to offset their carbon used by overseas travel by planting many different fruit trees on our nature strips. The house closest would be the main carer of the new fruit trees and make sure they have enough water while getting established, then everyone in the street could share the fruit.

  2. [email protected]
    February 6, 2008

    Hey Mum,
    I want to put up a few things to read, even searching for verge gardening brings up a bevy of results. It is a great idea – here is a double page spread of an age special from last year – it might be a bit difficult to read but the picture tells 1000 words. I can’t really see Hambleton St like that for a while! A fruit tree is an excellent idea.