Red Ceder Table

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Red Ceder Table


On the way home from dropping Robin and Jo at the airport, I called into a tender auction in Murwillumbah. There stacked in the corner was 5 camphor and 3 red ceder slabs. I put my bid in and cross my fingers.

And I Won!

With our parents coming up at the same time for a big lunch here – I wanted to make a beautiful table for us to all sit around.


A friend supplied some of the tools I needed, and the energy.


We worked without breaks from 9am till 2pm. Some custom legs were made from a hand shaped sapling trunk. The table is so low – the legs are properly dowled in and give enormous strength + stability.


The results at the end of the first day. Help will return on Monday morning to finish. We still need to join the pieces together with the other leg unit, grind the edge to a smooth finish and sanding.


It is a very beautiful wood, very hard but also quite light.

IMG 0893

We have already had our first cup of tea on it!



  1. Barbee'
    May 10, 2008

    Well, I have read, browsed, scanned all the way down to here and I must say this is the most interesting blog I have ever read. Thank you for not only documenting your fascinating lifestyle, but for sharing that information with readers who wander in and stay awhile. I found you on Blotanical. My blog is nothing after reading yours!

  2. soli
    October 31, 2009

    This has been such a joy to read so far. You guys are beautiful XXX