Swag Hut Plans

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Here is a brief design I dreamed of over night and made in a couple of hours the next morning.


It is based on heavy duty galvanised star pickets & designed to be able to built by one person in a couple of days or a couple of people in one. It uses cheap materials in standard lengths and dimensions can be easily reused or removed from the site entirely.

It is intended to be semi-permanent, non movable but easily dismantled.

It may serve as a bed and kitchen space while building a larger house, or secure storage & cover.


Swaghouseiso swaghouse elevation swaghouseplan2

Project Swag House Materials List

Material Quality Length (mm) Purpose Quantity Price per Sub Total Supplier Date Supplied
Gal Star Pickets Heavy duty gal 2400 Back posts 3   $0.00    
Gal Star Pickets Heavy duty gal 2600 Front Posts 3   $0.00    
plywood 1200x1800x30   Floor 2   $0.00    
2×4 hardwood rough sawn 1800 subfloor 3   $0.00    
3×2 rough sawn 4000 rafters 3   $0.00    
3×2 rough sawn 2400 bracing 2   $0.00    
3×1.5 rough sawn 2400 battens 8   $0.00    
green colourbond steel roofing   3000 roof 6   $0.00    
    1800 roof 6        
plywood 1100x1400x30   Kitchen wall     $0.00    
Total Cost $0.00